2019 SMART CONTROL LED HIGH BAY: Here’s all details that you’ve been waiting for a long time

Smart control has penetrated into every aspect of our lives, that can help saving our time, our money, make our life easier.

Last month, a factory in England made LED smart lighting adjustments. Not only acheved 60% energy saving,  also enabled progressive dimming control to improve worker comfort. So far, the factory has installed 439 lamps, saved more than 2.5 millionkilowatts and improved quality.

Nowsday, Chainzone is developing a new series high bay with built-in sensor for smart control:

  • Built-in microwave sensor
  • 200W weights only 2.4kgs, light in weight solution
  • Luminous efficacy up to 155lm/w
  • 5 years warranty

Please just contact for more information!



Post time: Aug-09-2019
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