Shinning As Goddess— EOS Series High Bay

The market for LED High Bay is very intensive. Nowadays, many competitors compete only for price. There are numbers of similar high bay designs in the market. But most of them lack of speciality. Chainzone has been dedicated to innovation and making market-leading products. Once again, we design our new series of high bay with the unique features which you can’t find in the market.

Drop the old style and catch up with us! EOS series high bay is as shinning as goddess. Can’t wait to take a closer look!

*Imbedded driver design makes the whole fixture elegant and unique;

*High lumen efficiency of 150lm/w;

*Magnesium alloy housing, super light in weight. 200w=3.9kgs;

*5 years warranty.

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Post time: Nov-03-2020
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